On Tube Lights, Nostalgia, and the Death of Technology

But no tube lights — no source of the white light that jaded my senses for decades — narrow, white cylindrical tubes that flickered to life and indicated that the sun had gone down. Inside the home and outside in the streets. In Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi, and Bhubaneswar.

How to Do Nothing

This article shares its title with a New York Times bestseller by Jenny Odell. But I haven’t read it. A reviewer said that Ms Odell’s work is “ambitious”. This article’s subject is the antithesis of ambitious. I’ve been working. I’ve been busting my ass without a break for months now. I’ve kept my nose toContinue reading “How to Do Nothing”

Unfamiliar Entertainment

Before Netflix and Amazon Prime, before YouTube, before even cable TV, Indians\’ choice in television entertainment was limited. Severely limited. To two: Doordarshan and DD Metro. And before that, just one: DD. ALL Indians (who could afford a TV and had electricity) watched the same programme at the same time across the country. So, basically,Continue reading “Unfamiliar Entertainment”

Why People Are the Next Big Tech

Our age is swamped with technology.  From robotics to smartphones; from e-rickshaws to international space stations; from CRSPR-Cas9 to Solid State Drives. Human ingenuity and science are being rapidly encapsulated in complex algorithms and packaged into dense devices and executive routines. Governments and corporations are ramping up R&D budgets to create or acquire the nextContinue reading “Why People Are the Next Big Tech”

On Not Knowing and Knowing Too Much

Whoever said \’ignorance is bliss\’ wasn\’t kidding. There was a time when I didn\’t know much and I was happy. My time on earth can be divided into life before internet and life with internet. The 1980s were a simple time in India. Two channels on TV; video games were monochrome, with two buttons andContinue reading “On Not Knowing and Knowing Too Much”

Review – Motorola Charm MB502

I\’m posting this on my blog because a) I want to share my views on the product and b) Flipkart website just wont take my review! Always server error! ———————– Pros:    1. By far, the best keypad. It also has arrow keys! And I can\’t tell you how important arrow keys are. They keypad isContinue reading “Review – Motorola Charm MB502”

P2P 2 Networked Brains

Nicole Kidman\’s latest movie \”Invasion\” is a little low on the scare quotient. Or so I thought. But fear is not what I wish to talk about here. There were other such movies in the past. We call them Zombie movies. Like \”Night of the Living Dead\”. Expressionless, man-subjugating, blood-sucking part-human and past-human creatures thatContinue reading “P2P 2 Networked Brains”