2019: A Face Odyssey

The Demagogue-class Castecaster crash-landed on a strange planet in the Tch O-kid ‘ar  cluster of stars. I had lost my bearings and the crash had left me badly disoriented. I precariously stumbled out of the craft onto the alien terra firma. As far as my eyes could see, the landscape was swathed in eyeball-melting orange. AContinue reading “2019: A Face Odyssey”

A Real Conversation

\”Switty switty switty tera pyaar chahida…,\” rang out Stefan\’s cell phone.He cuts the call.Guru: \”Who was it?\”Stefan: \”My vice-captain.\”\”Why didn\’t you take the call?\”\”Coz he\’s a smart-ass..!\”\”Stefan, you\’re the first person in 7 years years, 11 months, 3-and-a-half days to visit me. And you seem like an intelligent fellow. While you\’re here anyway, why don\’tContinue reading “A Real Conversation”

The Moment the World Froze

Somehow, by prior arrangement or divine intervention, the bat connected the ball and the ball repelled. Sahil Joglekar\’s heart stopped. For reasons beyond his control, his eyes were tightly shut. In the subsequent days, and even years, people would ask him whether it was fear or desperation or both that made him shut his eyesContinue reading “The Moment the World Froze”

Dudette Discovers Garlic!

FADE IN.GREATER KAILASH, SOUTH DELHI BUNGALOW. A POSH HOUSE TASTEFULLY FURNISHED.The camera pans the drawing room and moves toward the kitchen as Dudette passes in front of the camera straying into the kitchen by mistake.INT. KITCHEN. DAY.Mom has a white thing in her right hand, trying to crush it on the kitchen granite slab. DUDETTEMomContinue reading “Dudette Discovers Garlic!”

Chronicles of Bunty: It Could Be You!

Bunty cut sharp left and screeched to a halt next to the footpath under a shady tree. He took out his Nokia N70 and called Pummy. \”Where are you?\” he barked. \”Arre I\’m just reaching na!\” came the reply. Bunty\’s face contorted. He made a quick calculation. \’Just reaching\’ would mean another 30 minutes. HeContinue reading “Chronicles of Bunty: It Could Be You!”