A Strange Encounter: Bin Laden and the Value of Life

Many years ago, I had an interesting encounter. At my workplace, there was this grumpy young accountant who I rarely interacted with. He wasn\’t very social, but was professional while being uninviting. He was a north Indian upper-caste guy who religiously performed puja every morning and came to office with a teeka on his forehead.Continue reading “A Strange Encounter: Bin Laden and the Value of Life”

Rocky: A Belated Obituary

The first time I met Rocky was when I moved into his neighbourhood, Andrewsganj in mid 2001. Rocky\’s initial belligerence was understandable. He didn\’t know me, I didn\’t know him either. But it was not long before we bonded fabulously. I guess he liked me for the way I treated him and his family. ItContinue reading “Rocky: A Belated Obituary”

Canine Xenophobia

I go to this lovely half jungle half landscaped park at the edge of Kalkaji for my morning jogs. That day, as I joined the dogs in their stretching routines before beginning my walk, suddenly my co-stretchers started growling. I tried to figure out their object of attention among the healthy patrons of the park,Continue reading “Canine Xenophobia”