Bharat Is Now Diversity Free: News from 2084, Issue 1

★16 January 2084, Staff Reporter, Indraprastha★ Today at an event Our Dear Bade Bhaiyya (ODBB) declared Bharatvarsh diversity free. He said this was accomplished by the loyal subjects after decades of constitution-mandated purge of anyone who looks, speaks, or prays differently from himself. Making this announcement at a Branch, ODBB also warned the nation againstContinue reading “Bharat Is Now Diversity Free: News from 2084, Issue 1”

The Indian Lynching League

Today is an apt day for this idea: How about we start an Indian Lynching League? There\’s massive talent in this country for this glorious, age-old, national sport of lynching. People have been lynching in India as amateurs and part-timers for hundreds of years now! It\’s time to professionalize and commercialize it. We have theContinue reading “The Indian Lynching League”

Bullshit is Content

These are the days of content.   Text, audio, video, graphics, gifs, photos, JPEGs, animations, motion pictures, 2D, 3D, music, white noise, pink noise, SMS, tweets, newsfeeds, games, apps, blogs, HDTV, FM radio, pulp fiction, literary fiction, non-fiction, memos, minutes, emails, reports, excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, and so on and so forth—things that are makingContinue reading “Bullshit is Content”

The Indian Incontinent

Almost in all major metros of the hot Indian subcontinent, a cloud cover is a welcome development with distinct foreboding overtones. Especially if it is a weekday, you know it\’s going to be cool outside, but you dread the traffic if it so much as drizzles. It\’s a good thing, but it\’s a bummer; youContinue reading “The Indian Incontinent”

The One In Which Gulliver Is Bored and Calls Newton for Advice

Destiny washed Gulliver up on the shores of the island nation, Lilliput, a kingdom ruled by minuscule intellectuals. Gulliver’s ship was wrecked during his long voyage. Floating on a rotting plank, he was desperately seeking terra firma. It was a blessing that the tropical storm that thrashed him one night also deposited him on theContinue reading “The One In Which Gulliver Is Bored and Calls Newton for Advice”

A Real Conversation

\”Switty switty switty tera pyaar chahida…,\” rang out Stefan\’s cell phone.He cuts the call.Guru: \”Who was it?\”Stefan: \”My vice-captain.\”\”Why didn\’t you take the call?\”\”Coz he\’s a smart-ass..!\”\”Stefan, you\’re the first person in 7 years years, 11 months, 3-and-a-half days to visit me. And you seem like an intelligent fellow. While you\’re here anyway, why don\’tContinue reading “A Real Conversation”

The Situation Room

Sanjay: \”Ladies and gentlemen, we have a grave situation. From where I stand, I can’t see shit!\” Agatha: \”I’m pretty sure it was the butler. Why else would the tea be cold?\” Albert: \”Totally out of tune, totally out of tune! He couldn’t have been going that fast.\” Ali: \”I should’ve moved sooner. The bloodyContinue reading “The Situation Room”