Here’s Why I Need You to Work 18 Hours a Day: And Not Whine About It

SHORT STORY/SATIRE – ‘The ‘conference room’ was a corner of the studio floor with big glass windows, seven bean bags, and toys scattered around. Raman Ronadhona had taken a bean bag next to a stuffed bulldog. The Founder-CEO, the 30-something Chaman Chaturkumar, stomped in and plonked into a huge tan bean bag shaped like a chair. He had a frown on his face and didn’t look happy.’

How I Became the Richest Person in the World

SHORT STORY/SATIRE – ‘Those were tough days. I had sold my scooter to loan money to a local businessman, Firki bhai. He put it in a business that eventually sank because, as it became apparent later, he knew nothing about that line of business! And when I asked for my money back, he avoided me! It’s not like he wasn’t rich already; he just wouldn’t return what he owed me!’

The Rich Get Richer Club

Dump: OK, pipe down guys. We’re not making money doing idle chit chat. This meeting of the Rich Get Richer Club is now in session. So, guys, here are the points on today’s agenda. The First is “What’s stopping us from getting richer?” The second is “How can we get even richer?” And the thirdContinue reading “The Rich Get Richer Club”

How Readers Bought Fiction Titles—And the Non-fiction Books They Should’ve Bought Instead

At the General Book Fair of 2014, and again in 2019, people overwhelmingly chose to buy fiction titles. But now that we have a mortal crisis, people are clamouring for non-fiction titles to help them understand, manage, and cope. But the non-fiction titles are naturally out of stock because the merchant was remarkably successful atContinue reading “How Readers Bought Fiction Titles—And the Non-fiction Books They Should’ve Bought Instead”

It\’s Time to Thank God—And Make Some Changes

I guess it\’s time I thanked God for sending me down as an upper caste Hindu male. Now, if only I could also pretend that I hate minorities and find gau mutra delicious—that\’d set me up nicely for the next quarter century or so. I hope I\’m able to coz I\’ve heard terrible things aboutContinue reading “It\’s Time to Thank God—And Make Some Changes”