How to Do Nothing

This article shares its title with a New York Times bestseller by Jenny Odell. But I haven’t read it. A reviewer said that Ms Odell’s work is “ambitious”. This article’s subject is the antithesis of ambitious. I’ve been working. I’ve been busting my ass without a break for months now. I’ve kept my nose toContinue reading “How to Do Nothing”

Faith versus Religion: How to Tell Them Apart

Faith will tell you that there is a god. Religion will tell you his name, address, contact details, food choices, fashion tastes, gender, and pet peeves. Faith tells you that your prayer will be answered. Religion tells you that your prayer will be answered only when you have performed a-b-c acts, donated x amount ofContinue reading “Faith versus Religion: How to Tell Them Apart”

On Not Knowing and Knowing Too Much

Whoever said \’ignorance is bliss\’ wasn\’t kidding. There was a time when I didn\’t know much and I was happy. My time on earth can be divided into life before internet and life with internet. The 1980s were a simple time in India. Two channels on TV; video games were monochrome, with two buttons andContinue reading “On Not Knowing and Knowing Too Much”

You Win Some, You Lose Some

In Life. Some grow, Some diminish. Some work out, some don\’t. Some hang on, some move on. Some you hold on to, some fade. Some keep standing, some wither. Some you adopt, some you abduct. Some you keep, some you let go of. Some you\’re born with, some you acquire. Some you achieve, some fallContinue reading “You Win Some, You Lose Some”

The Indian Incontinent

Almost in all major metros of the hot Indian subcontinent, a cloud cover is a welcome development with distinct foreboding overtones. Especially if it is a weekday, you know it\’s going to be cool outside, but you dread the traffic if it so much as drizzles. It\’s a good thing, but it\’s a bummer; youContinue reading “The Indian Incontinent”

The Fastest Gun in the West (Or East)

We go through life like drunk, raving cowboys with guns blazing at our hips. With our wit, intellect, and ego we shoot down any thought, gesture, comment that moves. In the process we don’t gain anything other than a perverse sense of superiority. Many bonds die and, if we have a tiny conscience chugging inContinue reading “The Fastest Gun in the West (Or East)”