On Not Knowing and Knowing Too Much

Whoever said \’ignorance is bliss\’ wasn\’t kidding. There was a time when I didn\’t know much and I was happy. My time on earth can be divided into life before internet and life with internet. The 1980s were a simple time in India. Two channels on TV; video games were monochrome, with two buttons andContinue reading “On Not Knowing and Knowing Too Much”

The Indian Lynching League

Today is an apt day for this idea: How about we start an Indian Lynching League? There\’s massive talent in this country for this glorious, age-old, national sport of lynching. People have been lynching in India as amateurs and part-timers for hundreds of years now! It\’s time to professionalize and commercialize it. We have theContinue reading “The Indian Lynching League”

Bullshit is Content

These are the days of content.   Text, audio, video, graphics, gifs, photos, JPEGs, animations, motion pictures, 2D, 3D, music, white noise, pink noise, SMS, tweets, newsfeeds, games, apps, blogs, HDTV, FM radio, pulp fiction, literary fiction, non-fiction, memos, minutes, emails, reports, excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, and so on and so forth—things that are makingContinue reading “Bullshit is Content”

The Indian Incontinent

Almost in all major metros of the hot Indian subcontinent, a cloud cover is a welcome development with distinct foreboding overtones. Especially if it is a weekday, you know it\’s going to be cool outside, but you dread the traffic if it so much as drizzles. It\’s a good thing, but it\’s a bummer; youContinue reading “The Indian Incontinent”

Hierarchical Sloth

\”What the fuck is this?\”\”What? This is the final product.\”\”You\’re going to sell it like this?\”\”Yeah. What\’s wrong with it?\”\”This is crap! This is bullshit, man!\”\”Hey, it\’s been approved by the top-management. And we don\’t have time to re-do it. We have to meet our targets, the retailer is waiting for stocks, the designer hasContinue reading “Hierarchical Sloth”