Perpetually Cursed

Red sand flowed through the desert rivers.It sprang from a child who lied in tatters.Tattered was his face.Tattered was his bust.And everything else that told youhe was one of us. Tattered was the soul of the desert.Tattered was the essence of humanity.Naked, yet arrogant we were.Shameless we went on without pity. Oh convenience! Thou artContinue reading “Perpetually Cursed”


The shot rang outlike…It didnt ringanymore.When you cohabitwith bullets,you seldom heartheir shreiks.Only the fortunate,they restin peace within.Splattered bloodonly cooled my facecoz it had chilled the daythe child was borntothe bloodlands of Sudan. — First written sometime in September 2004.

Stream Meets Ocean

Oh lord, kill me today,but kill her too,so that both our soulsare liberatedto spend the eternitytogether… This cage of a bodydoesn\’t promise meher handher loveher everything everytime everywhere. I can\’t diebefore her.And she can\’tleave me alone hereeven for a moment. Kill her today, but,kill me too,so that out of the boundsof these bodies,we spend eternitytogether…