The World Won’t Stop Just Because It’s Raining

Twenty-one kilometers of mayhem Heaven’s blitzkrieg of shards of glass A retribution of sorts For plunders and extorts Committed by mankind crassDon’t know what made me go on What drove me through that insane maze As I peered out of the windscreen And Metallica thumped within All I could see was a sea of hazeContinue reading “The World Won’t Stop Just Because It’s Raining”


Tedium, Sisyphean tedium Still, in the middle of the PacificHot afternoon sun and pin-drop silence Slow…dead slow…Calm…dead calm… Not a ripple in the skiesNot a gust in the waters Breath sucks molten leadThoughts pushing shut synapses Steady beat of a sluggish heartNoisy gush of thickened blood An unending rhythm that doesn\’t changeA drummer in aContinue reading “Tedium”

दिल्ली किसकी है?

दिल्ली किसकी है?किसीकी नहीं…इसे अपना बनाना पड़ता है —कुछ ज़ोर-ज़बरदस्ती से,कुछ चपेट खाते हुए |दिल्ली उसकी है जिसने नदी के बहाव कोमोड़कर तैरना सीखा;जिसने मुस्कुराते हुएटूटे शीशे पे चलना सीखा;जिस ने सीखा की मेरी पहचानएक शहर, एक पिन कोड से नहीं है;मेरी पहचान मेरी सोच, मेरी ताकत से है|मेरे लिए पूरी दुनिया दिल्ली है|

All That Needs To Be Said

The more I listen,the less I have to say.All that needs to be said,has been said already. But the brain tricks me into sayingthings that have already been said:The vacuum around me fills upwith words that gush out like a geyserand lead to another blank sheetover and over againin a silly unending loop. Damn you,Continue reading “All That Needs To Be Said”

In Search of Excellence

The reluctant minion has tears in his eyes.And a grimace on his face—   He has he been crying…   Or… Has he been laughing?! Blind to his torment and predicament   the lordships roar timidly into   the imagined horizons of gold and glitter.They ride on shifty waves of delusion;Powered by gusty winds of arrogance.Self-righteousness is their onlyContinue reading “In Search of Excellence”

A Hustle Amidst the Bustle

Life―Is a tussle,a hustle amidst the bustle,of alternatives and choices,made worse byoxy-morons and paradoxes. A trade-off―between pros of this and cons of that;between cons of this and pros of that;between the safe and the right;between bank notes and sleep good night;between what they say I ought to do,and what I say I want to do.Continue reading “A Hustle Amidst the Bustle”