The Emperor\’s Old Clothes

Hey, look, an emperor of fate\’s define! Say, his jacket\’s made of cloth so fine! Cloth so fine as invisible fumes Spun in complex, convoluted looms Dressed in that finery and arms outstretched In the middle of a square, an enormous spread The subjects look at him as an object of amuse With kaleidoscopic eyes,Continue reading “The Emperor\’s Old Clothes”

Question of the Sinner Stomach

Burning eyes and shallow my breath.A knocking buzz constant my head.Revolting against inertia deathly,Limbs, spine, heart and belly.The brain begs and begs for mercy.I put foot down–ever so gently,\”Just a few more hours and we\’ll be done.\”\”One last push and this\’ll be won.\”But, we are here, in an interrogation room.Not being bailed out anytime soon.TorturedContinue reading “Question of the Sinner Stomach”

The Communion of Rocks

I was once drafted Into a communion of rocks. There was a war out there Between various pointless blocs. A war between rocks, Rocks dumb and inflamed. They fought with words, empty words that blamed. A rookie soldier, I, Among leaders of rank nonsense. It all seemed alien to me— Somewhat touchy and tense. AndContinue reading “The Communion of Rocks”


As the queen\’s shadow rose higher,higher than even the Sphinx;The Great Pyramid was dismantled,inch by inch by inch. Many a king lost his crown,Many a general lost his sword;Trust was in the gutters of Cairo,and shame in the waters of the Nile. Soon Egypt will be in ruins–a corollary of fears, desires and whims.

Paper Tigers

Tiger, tiger, burning bright; Made of paper, serves you right. Tongue of steel but fluffy butt;All you can give is a paper cut. Proud of rank but courage scant;Your middle name is psycho-phant. Questions aplenty, answers none;If we question, we are done.Silent footsteps and hidden claws;Playing us around with wicked laws.When its good, you scowlContinue reading “Paper Tigers”


And days rolled onlike wheels on a black charioton a never-ending journeythrough limitless void.Heroes and villains rose and fell.Theses and antitheses were made and marred.Kings were rebels once.Villains are heroes once.And Time made history of them all–time and again.An unchanging historyof follies of manand glory of man;illusions of grandeurand unannounced twists of fate.They thought they\’llContinue reading “Time”