Nature\’s Wrecking Ball: Cyclone Fani and Its Aftermath

It\’s a Monday evening in Delhi. The ugly, white-LED lights that show you the way while you drive back home don\’t soothe your discomfort at being stuck in traffic. But they\’re comforting in their predictability; they signal that you\’ll be back to the cool comfort of your air-conditioned home. I\’m currently sitting in a comfortableContinue reading “Nature\’s Wrecking Ball: Cyclone Fani and Its Aftermath”

When Disaster Strikes: Cyclone Fani

One cannot imagine the enormity of a natural disaster if one hasn\’t been in it. So it is difficult for me, or anyone who wasn\’t there, to fully empathise with the millions of Odias who were battered by 200 kilometres-per-hour-plus winds of Cyclone Fani, which has been categorised as Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm. Here\’s theContinue reading “When Disaster Strikes: Cyclone Fani”