I Miss Neighbourhoods

I miss neighbourhoods … where you could just pop into a friend\’s house uninvited, to chit chat or eat or drink something, or just yell your friend\’s name from outside his house, waiting for him to come out so that you can go to play, or gossip about another friend or talk random shit, orContinue reading “I Miss Neighbourhoods”

Unfamiliar Entertainment

Before Netflix and Amazon Prime, before YouTube, before even cable TV, Indians\’ choice in television entertainment was limited. Severely limited. To two: Doordarshan and DD Metro. And before that, just one: DD. ALL Indians (who could afford a TV and had electricity) watched the same programme at the same time across the country. So, basically,Continue reading “Unfamiliar Entertainment”

Rocky: A Belated Obituary

The first time I met Rocky was when I moved into his neighbourhood, Andrewsganj in mid 2001. Rocky\’s initial belligerence was understandable. He didn\’t know me, I didn\’t know him either. But it was not long before we bonded fabulously. I guess he liked me for the way I treated him and his family. ItContinue reading “Rocky: A Belated Obituary”

Yes, I remember…

Yes Prasanna I remember clearly our post lunch sessions under the conjoined trees. I remember some people answering nature\’s call outside the boundary wall where we sat and TVN or Nandu or Anand reprimanding them in the most sing-song humorous manner ๐Ÿ˜‰ That was fun! Its sad that my memory is failing about many things.Continue reading “Yes, I remember…”