She is still a wisp of imaginary mist floating somewhere in eternity.She\’s like a wide open door, beyond which there are wide-open skies.She is not a person, she is a feeling.Something that everybody wants to feel in himself.She\’s the alter ego I always wanted.

Just Another Girl

Mary Magdalene in the City of Djinns,took upon herself the curses of mankind.With a fragile dignity you carry onthe fate you have been consigned. The Father dealt you an ugly handand you are reluctant to contend.But the game tumbles inexorablytowards its logical end. Late breezy evening you look up and wonder,\”A star maybe soon, butContinue reading “Just Another Girl”

No One To Talk To

Miss youMiss youNo one to talk toBut never liked Talking to youToo much loveToo much painNot again Forgive youForgive youWasn\’t your faultMy love in a vaultEverything looking forFound in you yourNo wasn\’t looking for itNever knew looking for itFound you pretty thingFound all everythingSoul mindRhythm divineBody matterVision character Talking to youWater for a desert lostHadContinue reading “No One To Talk To”

Stream Meets Ocean

Oh lord, kill me today,but kill her too,so that both our soulsare liberatedto spend the eternitytogether… This cage of a bodydoesn\’t promise meher handher loveher everything everytime everywhere. I can\’t diebefore her.And she can\’tleave me alone hereeven for a moment. Kill her today, but,kill me too,so that out of the boundsof these bodies,we spend eternitytogether…