Rags to Witness

Morning. Rituals. A Mug full of strong ginger tea and Hindustan Times. Like many others, there\’s a \”Please Don\’t Disturb\” sign hanging on my face. I don\’t know how many people of my generation and the subsequent generations enjoy this age old ritual these days. The famous BMW case. The case that was the precursorContinue reading “Rags to Witness”

Let Me Summarise – Our Love of the Gist

I took this pop-quiz that rates your life. Even while you\’re answering the really straightforward questions, you can make out how you\’re doing. But then there\’s the joy of watching all that in the form of bar graphs and decimals. We human beings have a strong attraction for summaries. We love the fact that ourContinue reading “Let Me Summarise – Our Love of the Gist”

Lazy Bones and Creative Minds

The winter this year in Delhi seems especially trying. Its such bone cracking chill outside and inside the home that I have to keep drinking tea and coffee and run to the loo every half hour. Pissing is almost as annoying as getting out of the bed in the morning. There\’s just too much exposure!Continue reading “Lazy Bones and Creative Minds”