News from 2084, Issue 3: SC Upholds Cricket Ban

★18 January 2084, Staff Reporter, Indraprastha★ Ruling in favour of the government, the Supreme Court yesterday declared cricket illegal under the Bharatiya Sanskriti Act (BS Act). It took the government 64 years to finally achieve this feat after decades of public campaigns and re-education. As some of our older readers may remember, in 2020 cricketContinue reading “News from 2084, Issue 3: SC Upholds Cricket Ban”

The One In Which Gulliver Is Bored and Calls Newton for Advice

Destiny washed Gulliver up on the shores of the island nation, Lilliput, a kingdom ruled by minuscule intellectuals. Gulliver’s ship was wrecked during his long voyage. Floating on a rotting plank, he was desperately seeking terra firma. It was a blessing that the tropical storm that thrashed him one night also deposited him on theContinue reading “The One In Which Gulliver Is Bored and Calls Newton for Advice”

Donkey Donuts

The guy who brings donuts is popular. He may not have any talents or skills, but if the organization is big enough, he\’ll rise high. What is great about an organized set-up, such as civilization (or your office), is that it helps you circumvent  the \’survival of the fittest\’ rule. Rather, the word \’fit\’ hasContinue reading “Donkey Donuts”

The Situation Room

Sanjay: \”Ladies and gentlemen, we have a grave situation. From where I stand, I can’t see shit!\” Agatha: \”I’m pretty sure it was the butler. Why else would the tea be cold?\” Albert: \”Totally out of tune, totally out of tune! He couldn’t have been going that fast.\” Ali: \”I should’ve moved sooner. The bloodyContinue reading “The Situation Room”

Dudette Discovers Garlic!

FADE IN.GREATER KAILASH, SOUTH DELHI BUNGALOW. A POSH HOUSE TASTEFULLY FURNISHED.The camera pans the drawing room and moves toward the kitchen as Dudette passes in front of the camera straying into the kitchen by mistake.INT. KITCHEN. DAY.Mom has a white thing in her right hand, trying to crush it on the kitchen granite slab. DUDETTEMomContinue reading “Dudette Discovers Garlic!”

Tips for a Good Morning Walk

[Glorious outcome of a recent bout of insomnia, acquisition of heavily discounted walking shoes, and mending of centrally torn track pants.] Wash your face, brush and have half a glass of water before you leave. It helps to feel fresh and recharged and alert enough to avoid the odd early morning rash driver. Leave fiveContinue reading “Tips for a Good Morning Walk”

Chronicles of Bunty: It Could Be You!

Bunty cut sharp left and screeched to a halt next to the footpath under a shady tree. He took out his Nokia N70 and called Pummy. \”Where are you?\” he barked. \”Arre I\’m just reaching na!\” came the reply. Bunty\’s face contorted. He made a quick calculation. \’Just reaching\’ would mean another 30 minutes. HeContinue reading “Chronicles of Bunty: It Could Be You!”