Leading the Lamb to the Slaughter

Free-market systems mimic nature. In that, the big fish will, naturally, eat the small fish. Because they can. If left to itself, the system will result in a power struggle of the economic kind, which also spills into the social domain. Those who gain power are, again naturally, inclined towards retaining it and growing itContinue reading “Leading the Lamb to the Slaughter”

Why People Are the Next Big Tech

Our age is swamped with technology.  From robotics to smartphones; from e-rickshaws to international space stations; from CRSPR-Cas9 to Solid State Drives. Human ingenuity and science are being rapidly encapsulated in complex algorithms and packaged into dense devices and executive routines. Governments and corporations are ramping up R&D budgets to create or acquire the nextContinue reading “Why People Are the Next Big Tech”

Kickback Grandé

When it comes to the sheer scale of corruption, we Indians are nothing short of nanobots. Western nations exist at the scale of Diplodocus Giganticus! Poor Rajiv Gandhi got bludgeoned for a measly 64 crores of Indian Rupees and the ghost of the Bofors Scandal has never left the tail of the Congress party. FortunatelyContinue reading “Kickback Grandé”

Immigration and the True Citizen

There is a huge debate going on in UK, Europe and other nations that attract immigrants in large numbers. In light of terror threats, governments have come to the realisation that immigrants are just not immersed enough into the culture and tradition of their host nations. Therefore, they feel disjointed from the society and harbourContinue reading “Immigration and the True Citizen”

Global Warming and World Economy

Humans are Opportunists and Survivors Global Warming and Global Super Freeze are phenomena that happen once in a megaannum. The Earth too tends to balance itself. We are lucky to be living during a warm time. The early effects of Global Warming will only be rising sea levels, warming up of land, air and water,Continue reading “Global Warming and World Economy”