Here’s Why I Need You to Work 18 Hours a Day: And Not Whine About It

SHORT STORY/SATIRE – ‘The ‘conference room’ was a corner of the studio floor with big glass windows, seven bean bags, and toys scattered around. Raman Ronadhona had taken a bean bag next to a stuffed bulldog. The Founder-CEO, the 30-something Chaman Chaturkumar, stomped in and plonked into a huge tan bean bag shaped like a chair. He had a frown on his face and didn’t look happy.’


One of the most common expletives in North India (and I’m sure elsewhere) begins with ‘chu’. It is naturally uncivil and, you guessed it, ‘unparliamentary’. What is interesting is that some locals dampen the auditory (but not the semantic) blow of the word by replacing ‘chu’ with ‘phu’.

How to Do Nothing

This article shares its title with a New York Times bestseller by Jenny Odell. But I haven’t read it. A reviewer said that Ms Odell’s work is “ambitious”. This article’s subject is the antithesis of ambitious. I’ve been working. I’ve been busting my ass without a break for months now. I’ve kept my nose toContinue reading “How to Do Nothing”

I Miss Neighbourhoods

I miss neighbourhoods … where you could just pop into a friend\’s house uninvited, to chit chat or eat or drink something, or just yell your friend\’s name from outside his house, waiting for him to come out so that you can go to play, or gossip about another friend or talk random shit, orContinue reading “I Miss Neighbourhoods”