The Indian Incontinent

Almost in all major metros of the hot Indian subcontinent, a cloud cover is a welcome development with distinct foreboding overtones. Especially if it is a weekday, you know it\’s going to be cool outside, but you dread the traffic if it so much as drizzles. It\’s a good thing, but it\’s a bummer; youContinue reading “The Indian Incontinent”

The Situation Room

Sanjay: \”Ladies and gentlemen, we have a grave situation. From where I stand, I can’t see shit!\” Agatha: \”I’m pretty sure it was the butler. Why else would the tea be cold?\” Albert: \”Totally out of tune, totally out of tune! He couldn’t have been going that fast.\” Ali: \”I should’ve moved sooner. The bloodyContinue reading “The Situation Room”

Man and the Megacity

It\’s middle of the night…half past one. As I drive down the wide, open roads of the megalithic city, I feel intimidated by its cold vastness. These unwavering, unrelenting sodium vapour lamps cast an orange, shadowless blanket on the roads. The concrete buildings on both sides stand at attention like grim medieval knights dressed inContinue reading “Man and the Megacity”