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I am a professional writer, editor, and language expert serving the communication and content needs of a wide range of industries.

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These are the three pillars of the language services I offer my clients.


As a copywriter, I help organizations and individuals communicate persuasively and craft their most compelling narratives. The stories I write connect with readers at a deeper level, so they don’t just understand your message, they also feel it in their guts. I prioritize substance over style, but I am also an expert on style that bolsters substance.


I copyedit and proofread books, journals, and articles for authors, researchers, scholars, and publishers. I specialize in academic editing and am an expert in AMA, APA, CMoS, and other style guides. I help polish both fiction and nonfiction texts. My USP is, metaphorically speaking, forging a sharp steel knife out of a lump of iron ore. I have edited texts on medicine, business, literature, economy, politics, history, linguistics, and many other subject areas.

Publishing Consulting

If you’re a writer or researcher and wish to publish your work but don’t know how to go about it, I can help you understand how the publishing industry works, how to write a lucid manuscript or research paper, how to prepare a compelling book proposal, and so on.