Here’s Why I Need You to Work 18 Hours a Day: And Not Whine About It

SHORT STORY/SATIRE – ‘The ‘conference room’ was a corner of the studio floor with big glass windows, seven bean bags, and toys scattered around. Raman Ronadhona had taken a bean bag next to a stuffed bulldog. The Founder-CEO, the 30-something Chaman Chaturkumar, stomped in and plonked into a huge tan bean bag shaped like a chair. He had a frown on his face and didn’t look happy.’

Acquisition/Commissioning Editing: What Skills Are Needed for the Job, What the Role Entails

Any acquisition/commissioning editors out here? I’d like to know what skills are needed for the job/what the role entails. W.r.t. academic publishing.

What Should I Charge for My Services?

Pricing is a major concern for all independent professionals. Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran, you’re struggling to arrive at a number you can quote. If you’re an independent professional, you may find this article helpful.