The Rich Get Richer Club

Dump: OK, pipe down guys. We’re not making money doing idle chit chat. This meeting of the Rich Get Richer Club is now in session. So, guys, here are the points on today’s agenda. The First is “What’s stopping us from getting richer?” The second is “How can we get even richer?” And the thirdContinue reading “The Rich Get Richer Club”

How Readers Bought Fiction Titles—And the Non-fiction Books They Should’ve Bought Instead

At the General Book Fair of 2014, and again in 2019, people overwhelmingly chose to buy fiction titles. But now that we have a mortal crisis, people are clamouring for non-fiction titles to help them understand, manage, and cope. But the non-fiction titles are naturally out of stock because the merchant was remarkably successful atContinue reading “How Readers Bought Fiction Titles—And the Non-fiction Books They Should’ve Bought Instead”

I Miss Neighbourhoods

I miss neighbourhoods … where you could just pop into a friend\’s house uninvited, to chit chat or eat or drink something, or just yell your friend\’s name from outside his house, waiting for him to come out so that you can go to play, or gossip about another friend or talk random shit, orContinue reading “I Miss Neighbourhoods”

Faith versus Religion: How to Tell Them Apart

Faith will tell you that there is a god. Religion will tell you his name, address, contact details, food choices, fashion tastes, gender, and pet peeves. Faith tells you that your prayer will be answered. Religion tells you that your prayer will be answered only when you have performed a-b-c acts, donated x amount ofContinue reading “Faith versus Religion: How to Tell Them Apart”

Unfamiliar Entertainment

Before Netflix and Amazon Prime, before YouTube, before even cable TV, Indians\’ choice in television entertainment was limited. Severely limited. To two: Doordarshan and DD Metro. And before that, just one: DD. ALL Indians (who could afford a TV and had electricity) watched the same programme at the same time across the country. So, basically,Continue reading “Unfamiliar Entertainment”

Why People Are the Next Big Tech

Our age is swamped with technology.  From robotics to smartphones; from e-rickshaws to international space stations; from CRSPR-Cas9 to Solid State Drives. Human ingenuity and science are being rapidly encapsulated in complex algorithms and packaged into dense devices and executive routines. Governments and corporations are ramping up R&D budgets to create or acquire the nextContinue reading “Why People Are the Next Big Tech”

Narendra Modi, The Iconoclast

The Modi era may give rise to a new crop of citizens who are unafraid to question the sacred. I went looking for a silver lining, and I think I might have found one. iconoclast (noun): a person who criticizes popular beliefs or established customs and ideas. Origin: mid 17th cent. (originally referring to someoneContinue reading “Narendra Modi, The Iconoclast”

The Liberal Fringe: In Today’s India and Family WhatsApp Groups

Oh, how the times have changed! There was an age when moderate/liberal/progressive values were so highly regarded that people with such values were looked up to. Around me they were in larger numbers than people on the right of center. Right-wingers and conservatives were usually less educated, belonged to right-wing groups or were highly religiousContinue reading “The Liberal Fringe: In Today’s India and Family WhatsApp Groups”

It\’s Time to Thank God—And Make Some Changes

I guess it\’s time I thanked God for sending me down as an upper caste Hindu male. Now, if only I could also pretend that I hate minorities and find gau mutra delicious—that\’d set me up nicely for the next quarter century or so. I hope I\’m able to coz I\’ve heard terrible things aboutContinue reading “It\’s Time to Thank God—And Make Some Changes”

A Strange Encounter: Bin Laden and the Value of Life

Many years ago, I had an interesting encounter. At my workplace, there was this grumpy young accountant who I rarely interacted with. He wasn\’t very social, but was professional while being uninviting. He was a north Indian upper-caste guy who religiously performed puja every morning and came to office with a teeka on his forehead.Continue reading “A Strange Encounter: Bin Laden and the Value of Life”