Alexa, Tell Me a Joke

“The chhole is on the gas. Switch it off in ten minutes.”

Okay,” he said, not taking his eyes off the laptop.

“Set an alarm! Bhool jaoge!”

He looked up at her thoughtfully, then turned to the Echo Dot on his desk.

“Alexa, set an alarm for ten minutes.”

“Ten minutes. Starting now,” Alexa said, gently but with clinical precision.

Alexa continued: “Do you wish to learn about the various features of alarm?”

“No,” he said, curtly.

She stared at him with a quizzical yet judgy look.

“Soon people will lose all their social skills if this is how they’re going to talk to their devices.”

“No,” he said, curtly.

She glared at him. He burst out laughing. She burst out laughing.

As she was leaving the room, she asked, “Bhool toh nahin jayegi kameeni?”

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Published by Anupam Choudhury

I'm a writer, editor, and blogger from New Delhi, India.

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