I Hate

Detestable, to say the least
The things that don\’t deserve
My respect or my love.
Say, for instance, the sun.

I hate the sun–
It shines bright for all
And doesn\’t dim itself for the \’others\’
Who are not like me.

I hate the moon–
It shows the path
To all travelers of the night
Without checking their caste.

I hate the trees–
They give shade and oxygen–
To Hindus and Muslims and atheists.

I hate the earth–
It lets elites farm
And the Dalits too
Without discriminating.

I hate the wind–
It doesn\’t beat down harder
On anti-nationals.
No privilege for patriots?!

I hate the rainbow–
Why doesn\’t it hide
Its colors from the gay?
That\’s just not natural!

I hate the river–
She flows through my country and theirs.
Can\’t she see the lines on the border?
Can\’t she see we\’re at war?

And who is responsible for all this
Nuisance in the name of nature?
The maker of trouble?
The rouser of the rabble?

I hate God–
Punch drunk on equality,
In denial of differences,
Mocker of man\’s rules!

That bleeding-heart sympathizer
Of creatures big and small.
That traitor to my nation
To my religion, to my gender.

No, he won\’t get any
Of my love or my respect.
He\’s detestable to say the least
Like the things that I hate.

Published by Anupam Choudhury

I'm a writer, editor, and blogger from New Delhi, India.

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