News from 2084, Issue 6: Raghuram in Autonomy Furore

★21 January 2084, Staff Reporter, Indraprastha★

While institutional autonomy was amended out of the Indian constitution in 2019 to \’prevent discord in society\’, in a shocking incident, a high-level constitutional authority was caught thinking unconstitutionally.

Shri Raghuram Vibhajan, the head of the Bhartiya Sanskriti Aayog, the top policymaking body of the country, came under attack yesterday when he butt-tweeted \’auto\’ from the Aayog\’s Twitter handle. Critics trolled him saying that this Freudian slip is a clear sign that the chief wants autonomy for the institution. In his defence, the chief said that at the time of the tweet, his phone was with his pet monkey, Hash, who likes to play Troll Army on his smartphone. He insisted that his lack of independent-thought credentials should be enough to silence critics who are alleging that he doesn\’t want to be the government\’s puppet. Sources close to the government have revealed on condition of anonymity that Bade Bhaiyya has taken this incident very seriously, and that the Soch Sena (SS) is going to do an in-depth investigation. Vibhajan and Hash have been asked to not take any autos or use autocorrect till the investigation is on.

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