News from 2084, Issue 3: SC Upholds Cricket Ban

★18 January 2084, Staff Reporter, Indraprastha★

Ruling in favour of the government, the Supreme Court yesterday declared cricket illegal under the Bharatiya Sanskriti Act (BS Act). It took the government 64 years to finally achieve this feat after decades of public campaigns and re-education.
As some of our older readers may remember, in 2020 cricket used to be the most popular sport in India at the time of passing of the BS Act, which was meant to cleanse Bharat of impure foreign influences. While Western sports like hockey and quidditch were swiftly banned, there was strong resistance in the case of cricket. Popular opinion was overwhelmingly against the move. It didn\’t help that India was the world\’s top team. BCCI challenged the ban in court, claiming that cricket is as Indian as gilli-danda, and that the society has accepted and assimilated it like aloo in samosa. The Supreme Court agreed with the trial court\’s verdict that social acceptance and assimilation do not negate the foreignness of cricket under the BS Act, and hence should be banned. ★Read next: Govt now targets aloo.★

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