Author Arrested for Portraying Immoral Act: News from 2084, Issue 2

17 January 2084, Staff Reporter, Prayagraj

Nobel Prize-winning children\’s author Ram Charan was arrested yesterday after a midnight raid on his residence. Prayagraj Police\’s Vice Squad (PPVS) undertook this raid upon taking cognizance of the complaint of the parents of a child.

The parents were infuriated that the author\’s latest book, which the child was reading, featured an illustration of a girl in jeans. PPVS Sub-Inspector Pramod Mahadik said, \”Mr Charan claims innocence and has said that this was an editorial lapse and he never meant to portray immoral acts. We are currently questioning the editor and the publisher of the book. We are leaving no stone unturned in catching the culprit of this ghastly crime.\” Sources close to the investigation revealed that the publisher is blaming the illustrator. He alleges that the illustrator, a woman, has drawn this illustration during her impure days, which was a breach of her contract terms. Further investigation by this correspondent has revealed that the illustrator may have been under the influence of a banned psychotropic drug called \’feminix\’.

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