Bharat Is Now Diversity Free: News from 2084, Issue 1

★16 January 2084, Staff Reporter, Indraprastha★

Today at an event Our Dear Bade Bhaiyya (ODBB) declared Bharatvarsh diversity free.

He said this was accomplished by the loyal subjects after decades of constitution-mandated purge of anyone who looks, speaks, or prays differently from himself.

Making this announcement at a Branch, ODBB also warned the nation against rebel groups and individuals who are still thinking freely. The Make Bharat Akhand Again campaign resulted in the decommissioning of 244 million individuals, including men, women, children, and miscellaneous genders. Expressing his disgust over multiculturalism, he said, \”Diversity and multiculturalism are a plague. Our great ancient civilization will not stand for it! The anti-nationals who tried to spread that lie were pests. And we have finally got rid of that pestilence.\”

To mark the occasion, ODBB released a limited-edition ‘Unity in Uniformity’ black stamp featuring nothing but black colour.

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