Billu is a lone ranger.
Billu has no one.
But he\’s also lonely.

Billu limps.
His head keeps shaking.
Even in his sleep.
Perhaps he had an accident.

Billu feels cold at night.
He wants to enter our house.
For food and warmth.
And love.
Perhaps he belonged to someone.
Sometime, somewhere.

Billu is somewhat silly.
He wants belly rubs.
He\’ll lie down belly up.
Then he wont budge.
And I\’ll drag him away.
Grabbing his front two legs.
And he wont mind.
His silly grin and lolling tongue.

Billu loves meeting people.
He sneaks up on them.
He sniffs them happily.
And startles them.
But he\’s no threat.
His silly grin and wagging tail.

Billu is always hungry.
He doesn\’t get enough grub.
I don\’t know his day food.
Some cookies maybe.
From some agreeable soul.
While I give him dinner.
Some rotis and some milk.
The only good thing I do.
In my 6-to-11 day.

Published by Anupam Choudhury

I'm a writer, editor, and blogger from New Delhi, India.

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