A Real Conversation

\”Switty switty switty tera pyaar chahida…,\” rang out Stefan\’s cell phone.
He cuts the call.
Guru: \”Who was it?\”
Stefan: \”My vice-captain.\”
\”Why didn\’t you take the call?\”
\”Coz he\’s a smart-ass..!\”
\”Stefan, you\’re the first person in 7 years years, 11 months, 3-and-a-half days to visit me. And you seem like an intelligent fellow. While you\’re here anyway, why don\’t we talk for a while? God knows that I\’m dying for a real conversation! I\’m tired of speaking to people only through Facebook!\”
\”Ummmm…well…OK…what\’s the harm? I anyway need a breather before I start back.\”
\”Awesome! BTW, don\’t you think it\’s time you updated your ringtone? Heard of \’Wanna be my chhammak chhallo\’ yet?\”

Published by Anupam Choudhury

I'm a writer, editor, and blogger from New Delhi, India.

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