The Situation Room

Sanjay: \”Ladies and gentlemen, we have a grave situation. From where I stand, I can’t see shit!\”

Agatha: \”I’m pretty sure it was the butler. Why else would the tea be cold?\”

Albert: \”Totally out of tune, totally out of tune! He couldn’t have been going that fast.\”

Ali: \”I should’ve moved sooner. The bloody butterfly stung me!\”

Coco: \”Frills, frills, frills! Come on people! Show some class!\”

Mohan: \”Can we all just calm down for a while? Look, guys, I’m not in favour of this division.\”

Howard: \”What? You want money? Money you want? Let’s start all over again.\”

Marie: \”If she can do it once, she can very well do it once more. I wish I had some lead in me!\”

Winston: \”I say that we go for Cuban cigars. The lightning bolts here make me edgy.\”

Joseph: \”Ah! Finally! Glad you agree. I’m going to continue west. And I’m going to sunbathe naked.\”

Yudi: \”Thanks, guys, for your vote of confidence. I’ll be honest: people are dumb. So it’s settled. It’s going to be strip poker. Yay! Where’s Tommy?\”

Published by Anupam Choudhury

I'm a writer, editor, and blogger from New Delhi, India.

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