Review – Motorola Charm MB502

I\’m posting this on my blog because a) I want to share my views on the product and b) Flipkart website just wont take my review! Always server error!


    1. By far, the best keypad. It also has arrow keys! And I can\’t tell you how important arrow keys are. They keypad is the closest to QWERTY in the market. The numbers are lined up at the top. Typing on this keypad is a zip!
    2. Although it is one of the older versions of Android, the integration is very good. Apps work great, download is easy. Emails, chats, texts, everything works very well.
    3. I think the speed is great for a smartphone that\’s running multiple apps.
    4. Gorilla Glass screen is so smooth that I still can\’t believe it! Also, it is very resistant to scratches (but don\’t try deliberately to scratch it!).
    5. I think the MotoBlur interface is well thought out and intuitive. Just takes a little bit learning to understand how to tweak the settings. But the features and options are well thought out.
    6. Great Widgets–both Motorola and Android widgets are very useful.
    7. The unusual candy bar shape is unique, attractive and useful. It looks quite beautiful! And I must say it is a fantastic blend of a casual+professional phone. If you\’re a young professional, this phone creates the best image, even better than an iphone or blackberry.

    1. Battery life is less, especially if you\’re running too many apps simultaneously and are connected all the time on 3G.
    2. Resolution is below what you would expect from a device with so many features! But then, for this kind of price, it would be criminal to expect more. BUT, I will have to say, the resolution is perfect for my kind of use. It is quite good and very bright.
    3. Camera doesn\’t have anything to talk about. The camera software is very good, but resolution isn\’t good. But for this price, I think it\’s fine.

    1. To save battery, use the Battery Saver mode. Limit downloads, chats, syncs (especially on 3G). Stop background apps that you do not need connected.
    2. Be ready for increased GPRS/Internet charges on your phone bill. Adjust your usage over a period of couple of months.
    3. Make sure you do not ignore your spouse; don\’t fiddle with the phone endlessly, especially when you have company! 🙂

Overall, a great phone at a great price–highly recommended. The cons stole a star away 🙂

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