The Cynic

Cynic, n, Someone who takes a pessimistic view of human motives and actions.

It\’s easy to be a cynic when you\’re young. You believe that your motives and actions are resulting in something good for mankind. Or, at least, your motives and actions are so uncoloured by complexities of physical and psychological survival that you feel relatively purer. As you grow older, you get mired in cross-persuasions and cross-actions that mar honest efforts in real world. Unwillingly and unwittingly you may end up doing things that you are not proud of. There may be a point in your life that you are so disgusted by your own actions that you want your conscience to shut the fuck up. Eventually, to a large extent, it does. There are murmurs of dissent, a few \”yikes\’s\” and \”uh oh\’s\”, but nothing that will make you sweat. Then comes the time when you enter fully into the denial mode. It is important to be in denial. Else, you will end up sabotaging your own work, your own survival. You HAVE to believe that you add value to your family members\’ lives, to the corporation you work for, your team members\’ work, to the society in general, and the environment at large.

People will tolerate a cynic only so much. Not only because he\’s a pessimist, also because, sooner or later, he begins questioning the intents and productivity of everyone around him, and that too without actually doing anything himself. If you continue to remain a cynic while being gainfully employed, it won\’t be long before you\’re expelled from the \’circle of trust\’. If you were born a cynic, then it behoves you to make the transition from a cynic to \’management\’ as soon as possible. Your income, expenditure, and conjugal life might depend on it. It is important to plan, even if you do not have the resources to execute it. It is important to talk of quality, even if you cannot afford it. It is important to appear employee-friendly, even if you can’t do anything to retain them. You see, as a society, an individual is weak, but as an \’individual\’, an individual is strong. And if, by god\’s grace, an individual-individual decides to execute that plan (which actually happens once in a while), cynics, non-cynics, we all benefit.

But let\’s not digress from the natural course of a cynic. You\’re surrounded by outstretched arms, grotesque heads chanting guttural grunts in strange harmony, awkwardly marching toward you, and it just takes one strategic bite—sooner or later, every cynic is taken into the fold of the other side. And it is crucial that you remain in denial till your dying day. God help you if you realise your \’real\’ self a day before you die. You will die a horribly restless death and roam the earth till eternity as a cynic ghost, taking a pessimistic view of the motives and actions of humans and spirits alike.

Published by Anupam Choudhury

I'm a writer, editor, and blogger from New Delhi, India.

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