Man and the Megacity

It\’s middle of the night…half past one. As I drive down the wide, open roads of the megalithic city, I feel intimidated by its cold vastness. These unwavering, unrelenting sodium vapour lamps cast an orange, shadowless blanket on the roads. The concrete buildings on both sides stand at attention like grim medieval knights dressed in burnt orange armour. But beyond the afterglow lies a vast darkness of the unending urban sprawl.

I am not alone, yet I feel helpless.
I am all alone, yet I feel afraid of someone.

The car feels like a refuge…an escape pod with some semblance of deflector apparition of safety. The world outside stares me down with its dark, invisible eyes. I can feel them all around me. I try to hide from their gaze by focusing on the trailing brake lights of the stately trailer trucks in front of me. The tyres of my car hungrily gulp down the black tarmac of the toll bridge. They understand how I feel. The river below is a limitless chasm that doesn\’t seem to end. There is a eerie calm under the star-spangled night sky. They\’re watching you… (I hope they\’re watching over me.)

I want these roads to end. I dont want to be a castaway in the middle of civilization anymore. I want to reach my destination. I want to be home — a place where the space is of my comprehension, the habitat befits my courage; a place where the indifferent city does not creep in — my oasis in the midst of a mortar desert, my atoll in the middle of a dark, electric ocean.

Published by Anupam Choudhury

I'm a writer, editor, and blogger from New Delhi, India.

2 thoughts on “Man and the Megacity

  1. Grippingly written. I identify a little with the sentiment in the beginning and a lot with the last paragraph. More so now, in this new city that lies scattered around me like severed limbs, rather than the two of us embracing each other and becoming a whole.


  2. I can see that this was an after-effect of your late night drive on that day (when it rained heavily and you were late for R.K.P.). But the last para seems disturbing, and gives a feel of desperation! I hope desperation does not lead to hastened decisions…


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