He is bobbing like an unnamed cork
in a sea of mediocrity.
And there is a tempest of inanity
thrashing him about.
There\’s a storm of inefficients
lashing him about.

The behemoth of a system —
A spherical rock-mountain of rigidities,
A juggernaut of ghastly proportions —
It pardons those who abide,
Protects those who lie,
Nurtures those who shirk and
deify its mammoth edifice.

Mediocre is the new norm.
It\’s the garb of official uniform.
Mediocres love mediocres.
And despise everything out of box.
In the warm, cozy embrace of their likes,
Inefficiency is lulled to sleep
with sugar-coated excuse pills.
Ah! You don\’t recognise
the efficiency of inefficiency?
Cap your imagination buddy.
Or off to Section \’84!

The boulder rolls on inexorably.
Dragging the coins
of the unsuspecting benefactors
in its wake —
They who out of humble reverence,
believe — Mass Is the New God.

If money is the new token of your worth,
Once, I was afraid to die mediocre,
Today, I\’m afraid to live poor.

Published by Anupam Choudhury

I'm a writer, editor, and blogger from New Delhi, India.

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