Office Worn

It is not surprising that you tend to remember people\’s clothes in
your office. Most people have a limited set. Some have a larger set.
Every one wears his clothes on a rotational basis. The idea is to
remove, as much as possible, the memory of that dress from heads of
your colleagues. People don\’t forget really, but at least they wont
remember it distinctly being worn sometime recently. Is it snobbish?
Pretentious? Persnickety? It is most certainly wide spread. What is
the optimum time before you can repeat a shirt or a saree or a top?
One week? Two weeks? Considering five working days, I would need 10
shirts to have a two-week rotation for each shirt.
Ummmm…ummmm…blah blah blah.

Published by Anupam Choudhury

I'm a writer, editor, and blogger from New Delhi, India.

One thought on “Office Worn

  1. :)Interesting!! I just hope I dont have many colleagues like you. Simply because if its a snobbish trickery on my part, I wouldnt want to be \’caught\’! Come on! I deserve to be able to get away with the cheating after all that thought I put in figuring out what to wear the next day and whose \’turn\’ it is!


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