Anupam is…

I am a social Road Runner. I keep in touch with all my friends. I know what they\’re up to, how they\’re doing, what their kids and wives are doing and who is about to have an affair. I know their deepest emotions, greatest joys, biggest fears. I get blow-by-blow account of their mood shifts. I know where they are and what they\’re doing and what they\’re planning to do and perhaps will not do. I know what they\’re hinting at and when they\’re bluffing. I know when their Sensex is going up and when their fortunes are about to fall. They tell me everything, reveal all and are not shy to open up. Not just to me, but perhaps to the entire world. I aint no magician. It\’s not my touch. Just see their status on your favourite social networking site and you\’ll figure.

It\’s funny how you know more about your friends\’ moods, activities and plans through Orkut or Facebook, rather than a chat or meet or even email. There is something utterly functional about this, yet something extremely cold and emotionless. I don\’t know…maybe its just me. I orkut. I facebook (check out the verbification of those). But I guess somewhere along the way, I couldn\’t shake off my old-fashioned \’deviations\’. There is something really really weird…almost promiscuous about broadcasting your deepest emotions on a social networking site. It\’s like telling the world, \”\’Come! Therapy me!\” I tread that path cautiously. People may call me a wimp or a recluse…or even a traitor to the medium. I\’ve tried to follow suit. I\’ve tried to put myself \’out there\’. But I could never get myself to completely expose. I would sooner go \’commando\’ to play Rugby.

You, human being, are unfortunate to have been caught in the Big Bang. The universe is nothing but constantly expanding. Take it as the first truth and first act. Now think about your life on this planet. It\’s evolving. It\’s changing. The species is changing and so are social dynamics. Oft repeated, an infinite loop and forever relevant, is the adage \’Change is the only constant\’. If you don\’t surf the wave, you\’ll get dunked. I know, it\’s terrible to be on your feet constantly. But tough luck, that\’s how it is here. Adapt or perish (rather, get murdered). I can imagine what people felt like when Graham Bell rang in telephony. I\’m sure romantics might have found the concept of purely vocal communication, without the aid of the visual, extremely pathetic, even lamentable and cruel. Some said it\’s a passing fad (it\’s as if they could see into the future!). I dread the day when I\’m flooded with phone calls from friends and relatives (and sundry associates whom I owe money) asking me about my health, well being and peripherals. Why? Because my status message on some faceless book just said…

Anupam is…

Published by Anupam Choudhury

I'm a writer, editor, and blogger from New Delhi, India.

3 thoughts on “Anupam is…

  1. anupam,Its something like reverse voyuerism … not exhibitionism … a strong word … or may be a desire to be a part of the \”breaking news\” kinda world … not only as a viewer put as a performer. Anyways it might might be terrfically cool but I find this status business hugely irritating may be thats why I have such uncharitable thoughts about it!rohit


  2. Social networking sites are a conveyor belt that you can't get off. Almost a necessary evil. It astounds me how some people use this forum to wash their dirty linen in public.


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