A Person in Love

A person in love
…can never be an atheist.
…can never be too sure.
…can never be out of hope.
…can never be God.

A person in love
…will be a little scared.
…will be a little spiritual.
…will be a little selfish.
…will be a little unsure.

A person in love
…has to keep trying.
…has to keep caring.
…has to keep giving with both hands.
…has to keep belonging heart and soul.

A person in love
…may one day cross seven seas.
…may one day soar in the skies.
…may one day bring back the moon.
…may one day become ONE.

Published by Anupam Choudhury

I'm a writer, editor, and blogger from New Delhi, India.

10 thoughts on “A Person in Love

  1. I\’m struck by why you are limiting yourself to the \’can never be\’s, \’has to\’s, \’will be\’s and \’may\’s of love..what about the is\’s? the \’wants to\’s? the \’would rather\’s? For me, love is more liberating, and not obligatory, don\’t you think?


  2. I think the poem brings out how love humbles us even as it liberates us. The \’can never be\’s\’ reflect the fragility and the humility that only someone in love can appreciate.The \’has tos\’ reflect the resolve that the one driven by love feels. The \’will be\’s\’ are an acceptance of oneself and one\’s agency and the \’may s\’ are the quintessential element of hope that every lover necessarily feels.


  3. A person in love….can be too sure….and doesn\’t need hopeHowever, A person in a relationship…can never be too sure…cant afford to do without hopeAlso, I agree with Ankita above in terms of the \”Has to\” at least. Why not just make the two paras in the middle a combined group of \”will\’s\”? Moreover, even if I did that, I wouldnt retain the \”…to keep trying\” bit. Trying is not necessary in my humble opinion. Of course, you might not appreciate people giving their VTs on your poetry. But then, if it annoyed you so much you wouldn\’t invite comments. So, all in good spirit comrade! Cheers!


  4. Au contraire m\’amie! I appreciate other people\’s VTs in response to my VTs. Keeps the thought pendulum swinging and the mind ticking. And then, what is absolute? 🙂 Cheers to you too!


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