Terror Fatigue

My Dear Terrorist fiend,

At the risk of being called insensitive toward your cause, let me just give you a heads-up – terror fatigue has set in. Your TRPs(Terror Rating Points) have fallen drastically and the Indian public is neither amused nor saddened by your show. There is no shock, there is no awe, there is not even one hee-haw. Your indiscriminate bombing of poor helpless souls is boring, tedious and old news. One looks much like the other and no one remembers which was the last one. Your \’bijli bums\’ are bummers leaving audience scratching their bums and wondering what was that all about. You think you\’re having an orgy of gore, but no one in the public is having an orgasm; just bore. Come on! Excite us! Use your imagination! Give us a show that we can gossip about even a week later! Dont forget that you\’re competing with scores of \’saas\’ and hundreds of \’bahus\’. Even an afternoon soap causes more heartburn on a daily basis than you do in an entire year.

I say, if you really have to massacre in acres, why mow the people who still sow? Why kill people of faith, and those who still have faith; lives that make this nation valuable and yet are not valuable lives? Talking about \’valuable lives\’, the Indian public still fondly recalls the day when you guys decided to flush the house of representatives off the representatives. But your hand just didn\’t reach the lever. Don\’t you want publicity? How can you get publicity without becoming public? Why don\’t you show your face? Why don\’t you engage? We don\’t even know who you are or what you want anymore! What is worse is that we really don\’t care anymore! Your bips and boops of cellphone bombs are neither catching the signal, nor taking a call. Even Andrew Symmond\’s outburst makes a bigger bang than your burst out. You\’re hurting innocent individuals but your random pokes carry nothing but nuisance value for a nation as vast and varied as India. Get real, willya?!

I would think that you need some consultants from Hollywood to jazz up your show. Or maybe some wedding planners from Delhi to add masala to your pelvic bursts. But the problem is that the people don\’t really know what you stand for. You don\’t represent a demand; you represent frisking at malls, random roadblocks and breaking news. Thats it! You\’re so annoying that you cant be called a terrorist (maybe annoyist!). Your fundamentals are so screwed up that you cant be called a fundamentalist. You\’re hardly causing a movement to be called a revolutionary. And I wont insult any religion by calling you a holy warrior. You still don\’t get it, do you? In a democracy like India, the chorus is more popular than the lead singer. So where is your voice? Where is your chorus? Where is your real protest? You will find that in India, its easier to wash off blood stains from the floor than a mass movement from popular consciousness. If there is any truth in your claim, then why don\’t you ask for it? Come out, congregate and shout! And for a change, try something that really worked – Satyagraha.

Hope you\’re not doing well.
Please don\’t take care.

Yours dead bored,


Published by Anupam Choudhury

I'm a writer, editor, and blogger from New Delhi, India.

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