Just Another Girl

Mary Magdalene in the City of Djinns,
took upon herself the curses of mankind.
With a fragile dignity you carry on
the fate you have been consigned.

The Father dealt you an ugly hand
and you are reluctant to contend.
But the game tumbles inexorably
towards its logical end.

Late breezy evening you look up and wonder,
\”A star maybe soon, but is this what I want?\”
A daydream or night one, its all the same to you.
Nearsighted, censored, nightmares that haunt.

\”What will I do with dreams
that come with no wings to fly?
With not even limbs to walk, to keep breathing,
a sick joke on which to rely.\”

Inevitability has made you bigger
than we ever could be.
Near and dear and loved ones here,
you revel in their victory.

A momentary scorn, the peak of protest,
but thats not your memory.
Hop skip and jump with family and friends,
are your three steps to glory.

Mary you lie on a bed of needles,
in a slumber of anyone\’s ability.
And every drop that springs from you
is a path to immortality.

Let me hold an earthen pot
and feed the children where it begins.
Let them know the inferno you walk
to take away their sins.

Let me sit by your side
and caress your scar turned blue.
Let me drink from that spring of pain
and become one with you.

You straddle the three worlds of worth
and know what happens eventually.
We behold your holy walk,
with dismay pretense and homily.

You turn around and smile at us,
the scared and ignorant world.
Your eyes whimper, dark deep and moist,
\”I\’m just another girl.\”

Published by Anupam Choudhury

I'm a writer, editor, and blogger from New Delhi, India.

One thought on “Just Another Girl

  1. So touching and so very, very lovely…bravo…bravo…bravo…amazing poem from you…excellent poem Anupam!!!


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