Nothing But Fragile

A blade cuts a finger.
I bleed and hurt.
I trip on a pebble.
My face is in the dirt.
I am nothing but

Love cut my heart.
Heart bled to death.
A tear drops with every breath.
I am nothing but

I am betrayed.
Disillusionment and hate descend.
Is this my end?
I am nothing but

I betray.
Guilt and self-loathing ascend.
This surely is a dead-end.
I am nothing but

I take a chance.
I lose my worth.
All hopes are abandoned.
Despair takes birth.
I am nothing but

I say something.
They hear something.
I mean this.
She understands that.
Bridges are burnt.
Nothing makes sense anymore.
Where is the sea? Where is the shore?
I am nothing but

This thing called ego
I lug around as I go.
Bursts like a balloon with every blunt touch.
What to talk of friends?
Even my family I forgo.
I am nothing but

After an epic climb
I finally arrive at the peak.
I know I have proven.
But now what? NOW WHAT DO I SEEK??
I wish the full stop had been a comma.
I wish the peak had been a crossroad.
I am nothing but

To be or not to be
is the question I ask of destiny.
I wish I knew the answer she would give.
All I know is this,
my life is destiny\’s prerogative.
I am nothing but

Five elements in God\’s five fingers.
Five zillion ways of rubbing out a life.
Five billion years the Earth has lived.
Just five seconds could wipe out her constant strife.
Hey Man! You are nothing but

Published by Anupam Choudhury

I'm a writer, editor, and blogger from New Delhi, India.

3 thoughts on “Nothing But Fragile

  1. hey anupam,it seems after the b\’day you really seem to have matured by several years!! great work! reminds me of \”iam a rock, iam an island ….\” by simon and garfunkelrohit


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