Global Warming and World Economy

Humans are Opportunists and Survivors

Global Warming and Global Super Freeze are phenomena that happen once in a megaannum. The Earth too tends to balance itself. We are lucky to be living during a warm time. The early effects of Global Warming will only be rising sea levels, warming up of land, air and water, and harsh weather. Some land will be lost to sea and some regained from ice.

Humans are versatile and know how to survive even in adverse conditions. To protect ourselves, we\’ll definitely develop some technology to cool us or heat us, as might be the need. But the thing is that amidst all this, man is already seeing commerce. There is already conflict between Canada and certain Scandinavian countries over territorial rights on some frozen islands in the arctic region that are de-freezing. Why? Because they\’re rich in minerals and oils. Thats opportunism.

If oceans become a little warmer, fish cultivation will go up. Man will have more incentive to develop ocean based habitats. A new Atlantis maybe! Ocean is still highly unexplored. Once the right technologies are developed, ocean beds will be more accessible. That means more oil and more metals and more energy. In the long run, economy will always survive, because humans will survive. In the short run, a warmer climate will only fluctuate the graph a bit. In the long run only thing that can truly devastate world economy would be either an asteroid hitting the earth or a trigger-happy egomaniac letting off a nuclear bomb. What must we as individuals do? Get an air conditioner; non CFC of course! 🙂

Published by Anupam Choudhury

I'm a writer, editor, and blogger from New Delhi, India.

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