Organisation as a Mother\’s Womb

Employees are profit centres and should be treated likewise — as investments. Employees should be called stakeholders; in fact, Primary Stakeholders.
There are good/bad organisations and good/bad performing organisations. Employees are most affected if the organisation is good or bad. Hence, they are the primary stakeholders. Everything an organisation does, is done by people. These people are the actual profit generators. Therefore, they must be nurtured, nourished and taken care of. They are the atoms that make up the matter.
Employees should feel secure, happy, and relaxed working in the organisation, just like a unborn child feels inside mother\’s womb. Like a mother, the organisation should take care of the worker — providing love, structure, and guidance. Even when the employee eventually leaves the organisation, he must feel unhappy about leaving. He must feel happy coming back to visit his \’alma mater\’. 

Published by Anupam Choudhury

I'm a writer, editor, and blogger from New Delhi, India.

One thought on “Organisation as a Mother\’s Womb

  1. Well said Anupam. But isn\’t it too utopian!! How do HR chart out career plan for employees when job loyality today is only until a new job is found? Organisations – small or large employ people for specific work, and their priority of work comes before the growth of employees. General fear among employers is that employees would grow and leave the organisation, leaving the tasks unfinished. Further, what about the different social and political currents which always play a vital role in any organisation. Virtually no organisation can live and continue to grow on idealism. Even companies like Infosys which were once a favorite of prospective employees, are facing a severe crises of finding talent today. I feel we all know fairly well what right is, however, bigger challenge is to find that magic stick which would ultimately display that righteousness pays.


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