Overcast Morning

26 May 2002
New Delhi

I don\’t remember what woke me up but I vaguely remember the noises emanating from the kitchen. I\’m a light sleeper. As my mind regained consciousness, I started becoming aware of the cool wind blowing from the fan above me. It was cool; it was soothing; it was so comforting! I hadn\’t felt so pleased early in the morning in a long long time. I was a bit annoyed about the noises in the kitchen but at the same time I was glad that I was awake to enjoy this soft breeze. The windows were open too. I had rained last night and the sky was overcast – a rare event in Delhi. It seemed beautiful outside. I was becoming more and more awake. But what finally made me get out of the bed was the urgency of my bursting bladder. I hated this part of a perfectly fine Sunday morning. I didn\’t want to leave the bed but I had to. This was so irritating!

I stumbled into the loo half asleep. My eyes opened just enough to position my member. Nature\’s call should have a more meaningful connotation. My eyes were shut involuntarily and as the warm urea-filled water gushed out of my body, I could hear nature calling outside. Subcontinent birds and animals of all kinds – sparrows, crows, squirrels, cats, dogs, humming birds, bumble bees, parrots and many other birds and creatures whose names I didn\’t know. It was a delightfully melodious cacophony. Either they were quarrelling or they were competing in their celebrations. It was a party, a rave! I tried to open my right eye to look at the Mango and Bel trees outside in the hope that vision would aid my hearing. All I could make out were fresh clean leaves, sparkling green, dark and light hues. It was so fresh and bright that I had to shut my eye; even though it was an overcast morning. But I was enthused.

I finished the job and walked towards the bedroom windows. It was beautiful outside. A lovely silky cool breeze was coming into the room. I wished it would remain the same the whole day, the whole month! I had to go for a movie around noon and it would be easier in this weather. The fragrance wafting in made me nostalgic. It reminded me of my village, which looked, smelled and sounded like this for most of the monsoon season. I felt very relaxed. Especially, the breeze was heavenly! I gave a longing look towards my bed. It was a Sunday for god\’s sake!

I went and sat on the edge of the bed unable to make up my mind. The fan was blowing away. I gave it a fond look and flopped onto my bed – mmmmmmmmm this is soo good! I guess we\’re allowed such little indulgences. I went back to sleep, dreaming nothing at all.

Published by Anupam Choudhury

I'm a writer, editor, and blogger from New Delhi, India.

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