Theism, Conscience and Faith

If at all there is a consciousness left after death to perceive the presence of god in case he comes/does not come in front of that consciousness, then I think it would be more disappointing to any consciousness to find out the truth after death that there is no god. I know I would feel cheated after living my entire life believing that he is there. That is only natural. On the other hand, if I live as an atheist and after death find out god, I would be very happy because it would explain a lot of things that are unexplained right now.

Attributing a personality to or personification of God is a psychological phenomenon. God is nothing but the HCV (Highest Common Virtues) of the consciences of all people in this world. Believing in that HCV and implementing it is real theism, real deification, real prayer.

God is spiritual democracy; an overwhelming majority vote for higher virtues. That is how this world is surviving. That is how this world has not completely fallen into depravity. And that is why it is important that this democracy remains a democracy and not turned into a dictatorship by the self-appointed ministers of God.

It is important here to talk about why, in many cases, we cannot escape looking at God as a benevolent superhuman who can take our pains away. Human beings are unique in that only they have the capacity for pure reason and rationality. In spite of this, in moments of crisis and deep trouble, all rationality comes to naught and we end up praying to God for deliverance. And it helps. That is called faith. And as a Little friend pointed out, it has nothing to do with rationality (thank God for that!). Faith is as irrational and useful as hope and as intriguing and beautiful as love. Faith is the intangible, unseen bridge that connects us to the God concept. Without faith, God would\’ve been a crumpled sheet of rejected idea lying in a wastepaper basket somewhere. Without faith, humans would have been much less courageous, much less benevolent, much less patient and much more violent than they already are.

Published by Anupam Choudhury

I'm a writer, editor, and blogger from New Delhi, India.

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