Perpetually Cursed

Red sand flowed through the desert rivers.
It sprang from a child who lied in tatters.
Tattered was his face.
Tattered was his bust.
And everything else that told you
he was one of us.

Tattered was the soul of the desert.
Tattered was the essence of humanity.
Naked, yet arrogant we were.
Shameless we went on without pity.

Oh convenience! Thou art so powerful!
It wasn\’t convenient for the powers too.
The bloodshed must go on.
Time and again, eon upon eon.
They didnt matter, we didnt mind.
Perpetually cursed the human kind.

And blood flows like rivers,
cutting deep across the landscape
of our conscience.
Whats that?
Who cares?
Let it flood.
Let it irrigate.
Let it fertile.

And blood flows like rivers,
quenching the greed of hollow men.
But it carries the fatal conscience dust.
Is it lying somewhere in your guts?
You know that you know,
but you show not and turn to go.
Its going to get you one of these days.
Perpetually cursed the human race.

Published by Anupam Choudhury

I'm a writer, editor, and blogger from New Delhi, India.

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