God is Great

Boom!The universe has been in chaos since it banged real big. The earth has been a bubbling cauldron since it got ejected out of the sun\’s womb. Its been more than 4 billion years since her birth and we still cant give rational credit for millions of deeds and misdeeds that occur upon us every year. Its time responsibility and accountability are fixed. God is the way out.

Terrorists gunning down poor labourers. Why? Children hacked to death after being brutally raped. Why? Street urchins freezing to death in biting cold. Who? Parents fighting and separating. How? Planeful of passengers disappering into thin air. Where? Spring in New York in the middle of winter. What?? How?? What the…!?!? Hell?

God is the sole and final arbiter of all truths. He decides, he executes. Period. At least that is where all our scientific knowledge gained over centuries hits an impregnable wall.
I can hear the top scientist speak, \”I\’m sorry ladies and gentlemen, we have not been able to find the person responsible for your mess, so you will have to do with God for the time being. But of course we are still looking for God in person. You will be duly informed of his finding as and when it happens.\”

In the back row of the press conference, the bishop smirks, \”Find God? Over my dead body..and a billion billion years. Ha!\”

The person next to him whispers, \”But what if they really find him?\”

Bishop replies, \”Oh come on Rabbi, get real!\”

The priest ponders, \”We must thank him immediately for remaining omnipresent but invisible, omniscient but unresponsive, omnipotent but unaccountable! We must have a grand yagya with ten thousand pundits!\”

The mullah takes a deep sigh of satisfaction, \”Yes, we must thank him asap. If it had not been for him, our children would have starved to death. There is only one god and god is great!\”

If one day, suddenly, god would appear in our midst, in person, what do you think we would do? I\’ll tell you what we humans would do. We would bow down real low in deep reverence, then we would lynch him to death, then we would mummify him for all future deification purposes. Thats how we humans would fix accountability and responsibility. A mummified god would perhaps be as useful (or more) as an invisible god.

Small MerciesLooking for God is perhaps as futile as looking for glasses that you are already wearing. You are looking, but are you seeing? Its interesting being a human, living in human times, on a human planet, doing inhuman things once in a while and trying to preserve humanity all along. The contradictions, contraindications, contrasts, contracts, contractions and the whole rigmarole of paradoxes just twists you around like a wet cloth being drained of water. (In the end we too are hung out to dry.) As a human, I can say that if it had not been for the small mercies that each of us metes out on our fellow creatures and on nature herself each day, we would have become extinct long ago. If you are looking for God, look for him in those small mercies.

Published by Anupam Choudhury

I'm a writer, editor, and blogger from New Delhi, India.

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