Yes, I remember…

Yes Prasanna I remember clearly our post lunch sessions under the conjoined trees. I remember some people answering nature\’s call outside the boundary wall where we sat and TVN or Nandu or Anand reprimanding them in the most sing-song humorous manner šŸ˜‰ That was fun! Its sad that my memory is failing about many things. For instance, I do not recall the names or faces of most people in section A and C. The lines between classes 7, 8, 9 and 10 seem blurred. I deeply regret not having spent class 11 and 12 with you guys. If I had, my life would\’ve taken a totally different turn, I\’m sure of that. I know that lots of things changed in those two years in our batch in KV.

I\’ll tell you what i remember. The excitement of first day of school after summer breaks. The prayer sessions under the shade of eucalyptus trees. The football matches(disagreements and shoutings included. Nimble Nandu, the star dribbler). Annual days(I was Gopabandhu house captain for some time I guess-junior house or something. We won a shield. I have no proof whatsoever!). Watching out of the corridors on rainy days. Sweating on your books after games period. And of course, post school, cycling down to your homes. Where all have i not gone in BBSR by just pedalling! And many many more things. They\’re more of impressions and feelings than memories really. And I miss those days whenever a deja vu kind of event occurs. Now that I recall, I think I really loved you guys..

Its sad that life doesnt have a repeat/loop button. I would give anything to re-live those days. And maybe, this time, I\’ll do somethings differently šŸ™‚ (or maybe not!;)

Reminiscing about the good ol\’ days is a strange exercise. You enjoy the feel, but it gives an in-your-face view of how much your present sucks in comparison šŸ˜‰

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2 thoughts on “Yes, I remember…

  1. Oh! that was a sweet account of how much you cherish your friends. Sure, memories of past are something that we always want to relive. Especially if its a beautiful one. I have a similar story the only difference is the I find is hard to put it in words. Not because I can\’t, but because it pains at times to think about such wonderful things that I did when I was a child and the life that I had.Its beautiful to read your inner most feelings. Keep writing AC, its important.


  2. I\’m not maintaining any relations, not in touch with any friends with whom I lived those important years. I feel sad and happy at the same time reading your article. As Iā€™m reading, my childhood is floating in front of my eyes with the images of all same age friends and things that we use to do. Some of these childhood memories are making me feel old too.


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