Generosity Impersonified

Another red light. I guess I must have been in a good mood, coz, I reached into my pocket, took out a coin and dropped it into the cupped palm of the beggar woman.

The baby on her hip was playing with a deflated balloon—pulling it and releasing it to whip in the air, or now, on my car. He had a toothless grin. Quite cute actually.

I guess my unbound generosity made him happy. With a chuckle, he released the stretched balloon. It struck me right on the nose! Ouch! Boy, did that hurt?! I laughed off my anger, even though my eyes welled up a bit. I was supposed to be all kind and nice and goody, remember? \”Nice baby cute baby\”.

I took the opportunity to press the cheek of the baby with all the feelings of a Mahatma. The light turned green. I guess vengeance got better of me and the press turned into a pinch. The baby\’s face transformed from a grin to stark astonishment.

Before the baby could start bawling I vroomed off leaving the angry mama hurling abuses at me. He! He! He!

Published by Anupam Choudhury

I'm a writer, editor, and blogger from New Delhi, India.

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